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Tignano is an attractive example of a characteristic type of Tuscan village (hence the often-used name Antico Borgo di Tignano) that was formerly either a fortified village or a castle, in this case more a castle. Other examples are Montefioralle and Vertine. Tignano is located on a small and isolated hill (334 m) directly facing Barberino Val d'Elsa, with an extensive view of the Elsa Valley (Val d'Elsa) and the narrow Drove valley, and is probably the best example of a walled village in the Val d'Elsa. It has a circular castle-like structure with a central square and a gate defended by a keep.

Tignano, Tuscany, Italy

Sights of Tignano

Main structures comprising Tignano

Tower House in Upper Tignano - this tower house was once part of the ring of defensive walls around the village.
Church of San Romolo - originally built on a square plan in Romanesque style, much altered and restructured in the 20 C.
Oratory of Sant’Anna - 16 C oratory situated inside the walls of Tignano. The interior, on a rectangular plan, has a trussed wooden roof.
Tabernacle of Tignano - built in a niche in a raised wall on the road that descends from Tignano to Uliveto.

tignano gate

Tignano gate with the keep to the right

tignano square

Tignano piazza and church

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